My name is Florin Burgui. I am a licensed tour guide for entire Romania with license number 5771. I can say that I do not work anymore because I do what I like.

I traveled very much in my country, from the sea level to the highest peak (Moldoveanu – 2544 m). I drove the car over 150,000 km only in the past two years, helping foreign tourists discover the beauties, history, and legends of my country. And also for myself, to visit new places to be included in programs or places that I have seen before but now I can see them with other eyes when my job is in tourism.

1 DAY TRIP - Florin Burgui - Ferien Messe Vienna
Florin Burgui - Traveling in Romania | 1 Day Trip
Florin Burgui - Traveling in Romania - Mud Vulcanoes | 1 Day Trip
Florin Burgui & 1 Day Trip - Tourism Forum

Meanwhile, since I’ve been a travel guide, I’ve led over 1,200 tourists from 47 countries, the smallest was 3 months old, the eldest 84. And their numbers are on the rise. As I announce in a radio show I was invited to, I want to achieve foreign tourists coming from 100 countries. For this purpose, I have increased the team and now I am helped by four more colleagues. Depending on the requests, the team will also grow up with guides speaking Russian and Spanish.

Florin Burgui & 1 Day Trip
Florin Burgui & 1 Day Trip - Snow Man in the Bucegi Summer