Travel to the Black Sea main landmarks

Bucharest – Constanta – Mamaia

Starting from your hotel at 8:00 am, we drive along the highway to Constanta, towards the Black Sea coast. Here we discover the city founded around 600 BC, the oldest continuously inhabited city in Romania.

Originally called Tomis, the city was founded by Greek colonists from Miletos in the 6th century BC. Then was conquered by the Romans in 71 BC and renamed it Constantiana by Roman Emperor Constantine the Great in honor of his sister.

The history of the city continue with Genoese merchants and began to decline in the 15th century when it fell under Turkish rule. In 1878, became part of Romania, after The Russo-Turkish War of 1877, also called The Romanian War of Independence because fighting on the Russian side, Romania gained independence from the Ottoman Empire.

At the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, King Carol I decided to revive Constanta as a port and seaside resort. That’s why fine mansions and hotels were built now. Anghel Saligny, a famous engineer designed over Danube river, in 1895 the longest bridge at that time from Europe, He also designed the storage facilities in Constanta seaport, a special pool to allow oil export and two silos for grain export.

We walk along the cliff to see the Casino, designed by architects Daniel Renard in art-nouveau style and completed between the two World Wars.

The tour continues with The Roman Mosaics, a complex on three levels once linked the upper town to the harbor. built toward the end of the 4th century AD it was the city’s commercial center. Remains of the Roman public baths can still be seen.

The Genoese Lighthouse, The Ovidiu Square, The House with Lions, The Carol I Mosque are other sightsee that we visit during the tour.

Then we go to the beach, at Mamaia (Romanian Ibiza) to enjoy the life at the beach.



Dates and prices:
Price per tour
1,2 or 3 pers (for 2 pers, each of them will pay € 100) € 200,00
4,5,6,7 or 8 pers (for 8 pers, each of them will pay € 50) € 400,00
  • The Casino
  • The Roman Mosaics
  • The The Genoese Lighthouse
  • The Ovidiu Square
  • The House with Lions
  • The Carol I Mosque

Distance : ~ 500 km
Time : ~ 10-12 hours

Included :
– Transport with A/C car / minibus
– English / french driver guide

Not included :
– Meals
– Entrance fees to monuments/sights, photo, video and other fees than those mentioned in the itinerary
– Various expenses such as personal calls, souvenirs, etc.

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