Strange shapes of rocks and volcanoes with cold mud

Bucharest – Ulmet (Trovanti) – Berca (Mud Volcanoes) – Bucuresti

This tour is for meeting nature. After two hours and a half by car, we are 500 m from trovanti. From the parking, we have to climb a little bit the hill. It’s not so easy, but the effort worth it. 

The concretions are uniques geological forms ranging in size up to a few meters. They are made from sand, sandstones and calcium carbonate. After the rain small forms appear on the rocks, so the locals say these stones are growing. That’s why we call them “living stones”. The process of sedimentation started 6 million years ago, and every 1200 years trovanti grew 4-5 cm. 

The shapes of trovanti are also strange. We gave names like the microphone, the binocular, the UFO, the slide, the whale, the dolphin, the columns.

Next, after one hour by car, we visit the mud volcanoes. One hill covert with mud, dust and some holes where cold mud is bubbling. Seams that the dragon from the underground is still breathing. 


Dates and prices:
Price per tour
1,2 or 3 pers (for 2 pers, each of them will pay € 92.5) € 185,00
4,5,6,7 or 8 pers (for 8 pers, each of them will pay € 45) € 360,00
  • Trovanti (Concretion) of Buzau
  • Mud Volcanoes

Distance : ~ 350 km
Time : ~ 10-12 hours

Included :
– Transport with A/C car / minibus
– English / french driver guide

Not included :
– Meals

– Entrance fees to monuments/sights, photo, video and other fees than those mentioned in the itinerary
– Various expenses such as personal calls, souvenirs, etc.

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