An unique experience of nature and religion

Bucharest – Colti – Nucu

I would like to start our tour from Bucharest at 8:00 a.m. from your hotel. We’ll go by car on national roads admiring the scenic landscape of Buzau. In about two and a half hours we’ll arrive at Fangs Museum Collection in Colti. That is a small museum. Over there we should admire a collection of amber pieces discovered on Romanian land. In this region, the masterpiece is the black amber called rumanit. The museum is unique in Romania and shows us the ancient history of this part of the world.

After a short stop at Alunis Church, we’ll head to Nucu, where we park the car. We will start hiking the hills of Buzau. Also, we’ll see an ensemble of rupestral settlements. Some of them are dated back to the Neolithic period, carved by the waters into rocks.

The first stop will be Poiana Cozanei (Cozana’s Glade). From there we are going to see Dionysius’s Cave. It looks like a shelter from the III-IV centuries. This place was necessary for a monk to may be live there for more than 30 years, alone, praying.

Next, we’ll enjoy the cave named Fundul Pesterii. We’ll discover cave drawings dating back to 4,000 BC as knives, arrows, lances, spears a.s.o. The cave is protected, a big metal fence stop visitors to enter and affect the historical drawings.

After a “walk” in the forest, we’ll see other lovely places such as Joseph’s Church. Carved in a huge rock, the church has preserved its initial aspect. Above the entrance, there is a fish, a paleo-Christian symbol.

Agatonul Nou and Agatonul Vechi are at the highest point of the journey. From here we’ll begin the way back to the car, descending to Lacul Mistretilor (the Wild Pig’s Lake) and Fundatura (a big rock that becomes a hermitage).

For this tour, we should be in good shape and have some food and drinks with us. And we should wear, as well, boots and appropriate clothes for climbing in the mountains. So, mystery, nature, history, and legends. All of these in one day.

Rupestral Complex Buzau


Dates and prices:
Price per tour
by car (1 or 2 or 3 pers.) € 200,00
by minivan (4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 pers.)  € 400,00
For the price per person, you have to divide the price by the number of tourists.
For example, for 8 pers, each of them will pay € 50
  • Fangs Museum Collection – Colti
  • Alunis Church
  • Poiana Cozanei
  • Chilia lui Dionisie Torcatorul
  • Fundul Pesterii
  • Biserica lui Iosif
  • Agatonul Vechi
  • Agatonul Nou
  • Lacul Mistretilor
  • Fundatura

Distance : ~ 400 km
Time : ~ 10-12 hours

Included :
– Transport with A/C car / minibus
– English / french driver guide

Not included :
– Meals
– Entrance fees to monuments/sights, photo, video and other fees than those mentioned in the itinerary
– Various expenses such as personal calls, souvenirs, etc.


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