The communist dictator's life that marked Romania forever

Bucharest – Scornicesti – Targoviste

Day 1:

Let’s start our day at 8:00 a.m. from your hotel. We will begin the two days journey with the place of birth of Nicolae Ceausescu: Scornicesti. There is the Memorial House of our dictator where he spent his childhood. The most important communist leader of Romania was born there on January 26th of 1918. The house was built in 1890 and restored in 1979.

When we return to Bucharest, we’ll stop at Targoviste. That’s because we must see a military base. Over there Ceausescu and his wife spent their last three nights before being executed by shooting. We’ll easily remember that moment because it was on Christmas Day. In that building is now The Communism Museum. In this place, on the 25th of December 1989 was the trial of the Ceausescu spouses.

After a long day, in the evening we’ll be back at your hotel in Bucharest.

Bucharest – Snagov

Day 2:

On the second day, we’ll visit the house of Ceausescu’s family – the Spring Palace. It’s gonna be very interesting. That’s because we’ll see how the communist leader lived in his house. They had a palace of about 3.600 square meters with an indoor pool and a lot of apartments for all members of the family.

The second palace is the largest building in the world, the heaviest building in the world and the most expensive one (according to Guinness World Records), the Parliament Palace – who should be the office of Ceausescu.

The tour is about 1,5 km. We’ll spend one hour and 20 minutes and you’ll see 5% of the building (only 8 rooms, even if there are 1100 rooms inside). For this building, Ceausescu used 1.000.000 cubic meters of marble, 3,500 tonnes of crystal – 480 chandeliers, 900.000 cubic meters of wood, and 200.000 square meters of woolen carpets. The building has eight underground levels, the last one being a nuclear bunker, linked to the main state institutions by 20 km of catacombs. So, you can see from outside only half of the building.

The last stop will be at Snagov Palace – the summer residence, where Ceausescu’s family spent at list one month every year.


Dates and prices:
Price per tour
by car (1 or 2 or 3 pers.) € 300,00
by minivan (4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 pers.)  € 600,00
For the price per person, you have to divide the price by the number of tourists.
For example, for 6 pers, each of them will pay € 100
  • Ceausescu’s Memorial House – Scornicesti
  • The Museum of Communism – Targoviste
  • Parliament Palace – Bucuresti
  • Spring Palace – Bucuresti
  • Snagov Palace – Snagov

Distance : ~ 500 km (400 km – first day / 100 km – second day)
Time : ~ 15 hours ( ~10 h – first day /~ 5 h second day)

Included :
– Transport with A/C car / minibus
– English / french driver guide

Not included :
– Meals

– Accommodation

– Entrance fees to monuments/sights, photo, video and other fees than those mentioned in the itinerary
– Various expenses such as personal calls, souvenirs, etc.


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